Studio Policies and Information

Enrollment Fee:

$20.00 must accompany the enrollment form at the time of enrollment.  This fee is not refundable and guarantees your child a place in class.


Tuition is due and payable to Regina Ann Smith Dance Studio on the first lesson day of each month.  Past due after the first lesson of the month.

There will be a $20.00 service charge on all returned or redeposited checks.  A $15.00 per month late charge on unpaid accounts after the first lesson of the month.  You may mail payments to the studio for timely posting to your account.

Class Lessons:

1 hour per week                                      $55.00 per month

1 1/2 hours per week                             $70.00 per month

2 hours per week                                    $90.00 per month

10% discount for additional children in the same family

Private Lessons:

1 lesson per week                                    $90.00 per month

Two week written notice required when discontinuing services for all classes.

The studio will be closed for the following holidays:

Fall Break                      October 12-19, 2013

T4anksgiving                November 23-29, 2014

Christmas                      December 21, 2014-January 4, 20154

Spring Break                 Same as Tulsa Public Schools -March 15 -22, 2015


The annual recital is scheduled for May 9, 2015 at the Holland Hall Walter Arts Center.  Rehearsal dates are  

                                                  Sunday,  April 19 and Saturday, April 25th, 2015.  

Recital Fee:

$60.00 due April 1, 2015


Recital costumes are arranged for your child by the studio.  Costumes are $50.00 each for child small and medium and $60.00 each for child large and adult sizes S, M, L.   XL costumes are $66.00 .  Solo costumes are $65.00.  No refunds or returns on costumes after December 1, 2014.

Dress Code:

All female students must dress at the studio or wear slacks/skirts and a shirt over their leotard while outside the studio.  Do not allow your child to come into the studio dressed only in her leotard.  Put your child's first and last names on all dance shoes, clothing, and dance bags.